Review: Cirque Du Soleil : Zarkana

Last Friday, we were given the opportunity to attend a showing of Zarkana! And I have to say, I was totally excited to be  a part of such an amazing show! I have not visited Radio City Music Hall since I was a small child and I had forgotten how beautiful it is. Walking to my seats, I was taking in all the lovely architecture and lighting. The stage was set for the show and i couldn’t wait to see what was to come. But, oh my eyes did not expect such vividness. I just did not know where to look first! My eyes wondered over the colors, the lighting, and the characters. My ears got to listen to wonderful rock inspired music. It was if all my senses were dancing together, it was quite dizzying!

The storyline was that of Zarkana, a man, looking for his love, Leah. He searched and searched and came upon many different woman. All who wanted to love him but he only had eyes for one! By the final performance, it is revealed that she was all those woman and was testing his love for her. It was a beautiful, romantic storyline. We all dream of a man who will only have eyes for us, even through temptation, he turns all others away. That is true love! But its not all lovey dovey,there are characters who make you laugh so hard, your stomach hurts. The performers and acrobats amaze you with these high difficulty stunts that have you on the edge of your seats!

I highly recommend that you all see this show before it ends here in NYC. It is an experience that you won’t soon forget. I know I won’t!

Here is a little preview of what I saw:








Disclosure: I was provided the tickets by Zarkana for this review.

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