My shopping trip for Black Friday Deals this past Saturday (which are going on all season) at Duane Reade!

If you have been following my posts, you know I love Black Friday!  While I was sort of bummed as the day ended a few weeks ago, I knew that the fun would continue through Christmas with more sales and specials both online and in stores. 

I was invited by Collective Bias to post about a shopping trip to Duane Reade.  Before I head out shopping to any grocery store or chain drugstore, I write a list of things I think I need to pick up at that store.  I always check out the current week’s flier and cross reference what I need to what is on sale in the flier.  I also add other items I see in the flier to my list.  Then, I take out my coupons and see if I have any coupons for items I either need at the moment OR that are on sale in the flier that I could use.  This way, I can make a sale even BETTER by using coupons in addition to the already lowered price!  And because I am obsessed with Social Media, I try to check out the store’s Twitter feed and Facebook page whenever possible to see what else I can find. 

When I saw the following Tweet on @DuaneReade, I knew that I was definitely going to accept the invite and head over to Duane Reade: Exhausted from #BlackFriday shopping?  No need to rush with us!  Duane Reader deals last all season long!

I needed hand soap for the bathrooms, deodorant,  Q Tips, and some extra Christmas wrapping paper.  After looking through the flier and seeing what coupons I had, I added Duracell batteries to my list (what house full of kids on Christmas morning can’t use batteries!), which were on sale 2- 8 packs for $12, plus I had 2 coupons for $1 off.  I also made a note to check out the toys because some were 3 for $13, and I have three toddler boys… so looked like an AMAZING deal (and of course as you will see, I bought 3 toys, even though I said I was done with Christmas shopping for the kids!)

Although my husband wasn’t too happy with this, I walked every aisle (he would much rather I just run in, get what I need and run out, but – um, why would I do that?????).  I saw some pretty great deals in the clearance bins and all through the store.  I cannot believe some of the deals Duane Reade had! 

– 8 rolls of TUF Paper Towels for $5

– disposable Dora the Explorer cameras for $5

– Johnsons’ travel sized BABY WASH for $0.50

– $9.99 for a Disney Princess Tea Set

– $9.99 for a Disney Cars 2 hideaway tent

– $13 for THREE Disney Projectors (which of course I could not pass up for my boys, as I picked up Toy Story, Cars and Spongebob!)

I definitely spent more money than I oringially planned to, only because there were just some things I could not pass up.  For instance, we saved $6 on Scott toilet paper using the rewards card, and we can always use more toilet paper, so I HAD to get it!  And naturally, like I said, as I had told myself that I was done Christmas shopping for my kids, buying 3 more toys was not on the list but a DEFINITE must-buy!

I detailed my trip through photos and shared on Google Plus.  For my Google + Story, CLICK HERE.  To find your nearest Duane Reade, visit their website.


This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  All opinions are my own.

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