More bad news for families who travel…

We travel as a family of six. I work pretty much around the clock to make sure that my kids will not have to go without family vacations, short trips and day trips. Life can be so stressful at times and I believe that families need to devote time to spend together. We make sure to eat every night as a family (or as many nights as humanly possible) and to take take time each year to travel. As it is, airfare for six is astronomical. We search for months in advance for the best deal and usually we try to keep it under $1500. But $1500 just in transportation is extraordinarily high as it is! Nevermind if we wanted to fly to an island or overseas! Good think about traveling with four little kids (or one little kid!) is the privilege of having some extra time to board the plane as a family. Now United Airlines are following others (and I am sure more will attempt to follow) by doing away with the early boarding for families. 

I guess I can live with that.  I mean, after all, in 2012, unfortunately, being pregnant, holding a baby, even being elderly or handicapped does not guarantee anyone will hold a door for you or move over so you can sit… so why should anyone give special treatment to a family who has 4 children, three of them toddlers and babies while boarding a plane?  But that is not what irks me the most.  What irks me is reading that the airlines are saying that families should purchase business or first class and will get the privilege.  What BS!  I already pay a fortune to fly with my family, now you expect me to pay – what – $3o00 just on airfare?

Can someone tell me when companies will stop trying to hurt families? Get the memo big CEOs: WE are the ones spending money (that we don’t have!) and WE should be the market you don’t hurt!

Thanks, United.  I could do without the special boarding privileges, but I cannot deal with being told I should pay to sit in first class in order for your airline to help me out loading four kids on your plane.  I will fly another airline!

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