All about Target’s Exclusive Food Brands

If you have been following along this week on Mommy’s Links, you are seeing a series of posts about Target and their foods (as my daughter used to say when she was a baby “Target Food!”)  To more familiarize you with their brands, I wanted to share the following:

Target® provides guests with a wide variety of quality items for meal preparation including cooking staples, premium meats, gourmet dining options and desserts. Target’s exclusive food brands – Archer Farms®, Market Pantry®, Sutton & DodgeTM Steakhouse Quality Angus Beef and Wine Cube® – offer guests high-quality food products at an affordable cost.

Archer Farms

Archer Farms is a premium, affordable brand, offering a wide array of delicious foods including premium groceries, fine cooking ingredients, organic food choices, baked goods, frozen pizzas and appetizers. Archer Farms delivers on Target’s “Expect More. Pay Less.” brand promise – high quality, innovative products at an affordable price. The line currently includes more than 1,600 products.    

Market Pantry

Market Pantry offers the quality of a national food brand at the fraction of the price – 10 to 30 percent lower than national brand equivalent products. Families on a budget can easily and inexpensively stock their kitchens with more than 1,900 Market Pantry product offerings, including food staples such as cheese, milk, eggs, flour and sugar, as well as snack and meal options, including fruit snacks, cereal and seafood.

Sutton & Dodge

Sutton & Dodge delivers a full menu of premium quality USDA Choice Angus beef that is naturally-aged, hand-trimmed and found in the best steakhouses – at a fraction of the price. Offering a variety of cuts such as filet, strip, rib-eye and t-bone steaks and roasts, guests have plenty of options to choose from for any occasion. Sutton & Dodge also offers butters, sauces and rubs to add a distinguishable flavor to any dinner.

Wine Cube

Target Wine Cube offers high-quality, affordable wine without the hassle of corks and fragile glass packaging. Affordably available in three sizes, the 3-liter Wine Cube is equivalent to four bottles of wine ($17.99), a 1.5-liter is equivalent to two bottles of wine ($11.99) and a 4-pack with each single-serve holding a bit more than a glass of wine ($9.99). Wine Cubes are available in the following varietals: Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet/Shiraz blend, Red and White Sangria, Riesling, Malbec and newly introduced Moscato. Many Wine Cubes are also award-winning, receiving top honors at industry competitions. Target Wine Cube is available at select Target stores nationwide.

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