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The Twins’ First Yankee Game, my thoughts on baseball – Mommy's Links

The Twins’ First Yankee Game, my thoughts on baseball

I have been a Yankee fan since birth. I remember going to countless games growing up, pretty much all my life. My daughter is a huge fan as well, and she knows all the players, stats, understands the game very well and enjoys the sport very much. I couldn’t wait to take the boys to their first game. Last night, we took Louis and Anthony to their first Yankee game. And it was my first time at the new stadium. We had the best time!

The boys loved the whole atmosphere. They were watching the field, the big screen, looking around the stadium, and snacking (and snacking!) They were cheering, clapping and dancing through the entire game, and whenever the Yankees scored, Louis would stand and clap and Anthony would walk down the whole row to give all of us high fives. At one point, after he heard all the chanting, he started his own “LET’S GO YANKEES” chant, and it caught on with all of the people in our section. After that, he started the “BOSTON STINKS!” chant, and the fans behind us were hysterical laughing!  You can see some photos below.

As for me, I was completely entertained watching the kids have such a great time.  I also was fascinated with the new stadium.  I think it is beautiful!  Since I have not been to a game since before my youngest three kids were born (it was hard getting out for long periods of time until recently!), I could not believe how different everything is.  Naturally, the Yankees now play in a new stadium, and although it is in the same neighborhood as the original stadium, it is all brand new, with plenty of modern updates, new additions and so much use of new technology.  But I noticed an overwhelmingly obvious other change: baseball is so incredibly commercial!

Whenever one of the Yankees get walked, the amazing stadium width fan screen that goes across the middle of the stadium perimeter lights up with a Johnnie WALKER display.  The train race is now sponsored by Subway.  When picking out the best dressed fan at the stadium (and the winner got a $250 gift card!) was sponsored by Lord and Taylor. Every part of the game (that wasn’t on the field) was basically advertisement, including Lays, Pepsi, AT&T, Models, Nathans, and more.  Even the guys who clean the field in the 5th inning and dance to the YMCA were advertising Scots on their cleaners!

Actually, I do not mind all of the advertising.  I think it is great that the big brands are paying to help fund the stadium.  The only thing that boggles my mind is that if these big corporations are giving so much money to the sport, why is is so incredibly expensive for a family to attend a game?  The tickets, food, parking, souvenirs, snacks, drinks and everything in between are so overpriced, it seems impossible for the average family to get to go to more than one game a season.  My kids enjoy the game so much, it is a shame that they cannot see more live games.  Come on Yankees!  Baseball is the all-American family pastime!

Take a look at the fun we had!

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