Grahamfuls! Oh MY!

My kids and I recently tried Grahamfuls and really, the best words that come to my mind are OH MY! 

Honey Maid® Grahamfuls filled crackers is a delicious new snack made with real Honey Maid® graham crackers in three varieties, including Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter & Chocolate and Banana Vanilla Crème. Building on an 85-year history of creating delicious snacks for the whole family, Honey Maid® Grahamfuls were created to help fuel kids as they create and explore, while providing wholesome nutrition that parents can feel good about.

We got a chance to try all three of the varieties.  Juliana is my odd child (just kidding!) who does not like peanut butter (but seriously, what kid does not like peanut butter?), so her favorite was the Banana Vanille Creme.  The boys really liked the Peanut Butter ones.  My absolute favorite (and the one that I will be buying… sorry kids!) is the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Grahamfuls! 

When I was a little girl, I would never go into my grandparents’ house without making at least one trip to her cracker/cookie drawer (which was usually filled with crackers and not many cookies).  I cannot remember a trip when I did not find Honey Maid graham crackers in the drawer.  It was the best snack to have with my glass of milk, and it was always a treat for me.  Trying the boxes of Grahamfuls reminded me of Grandma’s cracker drawer and I could not wait to taste them.  DELICIOUS!

I snacked on the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Grahamfuls cracker on my way out the door to run to the store.  I could feel my stomach growl and did not have time to make myself something, so I hoped that the cracker would help, and it most certainly did!  I know I’ve put chocolate and graham crackers together (chocolate pudding pie), but I had never tried peanut butter on grahams before.  COme to think of it I probably had a pie with chocolate and peanut butter before, but this was a quick snack that I totally enjoyed.  I’d love to say that I could try the Banana Vanilla Creme one, but they were gone pretty much before I got a chance to get one out of the box!  The kids did a number on those.  At least I was able to get a taste!

If you are looking for the cookie alternative, this is it!

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