Celebrating Love and Marriage in the Poconos

I recently celebrated with my husband and our closest friends at Paradise Stream in the Poconos.

Six years ago, my husband and I decided to make the Week of Love something extra special for us. We got married on February 18. It was a cold day, had snowed the night before, and I wore a strapless gown. Right before we said our vows, it started flurrying, which made our ceremony that more beautiful. Every year during Valentine’s Week, we celebrate our wedding anniversary as well.

Poconos, February 2013

Celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day in the Poconos

Our wedding 2007

Our wedding day

Our Valentine and Anniversary present to each other was a weekend trip without the kids. We usually go twice a year with two other couples, our closest friends, to the Poconos. We always enjoy our time alone, our time with our friends, our time without having to referee roudy kids and take care of 100 different things at once. We have been going to the Poconos for three years now, and have enjoyed both Pocono Palace and Paradise Stream. We plan on visiting the third resort of the trio next time, Cove Haven.

Our favorite suite is the Fantasy Apple. With a heartshaped whirlpool tub for two AND a private pool and sauna, we could pretty much stay in the room all weekend! But we also enjoy the entertainment, having more laughs watching the XXX version of the Newlywed/Not So Newlywed Game, participating in Horseracing and Bingo, playing the adult version of Family Feud where the women fued the men in Sexual Fued and so much more. We love enjoying dinners with our friends, watching the shows at night in the nightclub, then heading back to one of our rooms and have so many laughs that our cheeks hurt. And of course the romance and the time my husband and I have alone is priceless. With four little kids, a weekend to focus on each other is always what we need.


So much romance, fun, love and laughs in the Poconos!

If you are looking for a romantic place to go with your love, check out Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts. And if you want to make the weekend even more fun, consider going with some couple friends. Either way, be prepared for a great weekend away with lots of laughs, lots of romance, lots of adult only themed time and a weekend to remember.

Cove Haven

While the guys chat in the living room, the girls laugh and share stories… nothing like catching up with your besties while on a romantic weekend with your husband! A weekend away with the love of my life AND our closest friends is just what the doctor prescribed for a great weekend!

Happy Anniversary Paul! I love you!


Disclaimer:  This is NOT a sponsored post!


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  • kathleenkl
    5 years ago

    it was SO MUCH FUN!!! all those laughs and beep beep beep!!! loved hanging on the bed and in the spa with my BFF’s! can’t wait until next time!

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