Be one of our featured vendors in our Online Holiday Vendor Fair!

“I have a small business. I’d love to be one of your featured vendors”

For an exclusive spot in our online holiday shopping vendor event as a feature of Hop, Shop, Bop and WIN”, we require potential vendors to contribute a $20 fee OR supply a prize (vendor to ship prize to winner after event) valued at $25+.

In return, we will supply each vendor with a 180×180 banner in our Hop, Shop, Bop and WIN! Online Holiday Shopping pages of EACH of the top blogs:

Additionally, we will provide you with a shoutout once during our Hop, Shop, Bop and Win Weekend (which can include information about your business, a sale or special you are running, and can include your logo or a photo of your promotion) on the following facebook pages during the event:

Hop, Shop, Bop and Win;

My Best of Both Worlds,

Main Street Mama,

Massapequa Family,

Mommy’s Links and

Mommy’s Links Blogs.

We currently have a collective 8797 likes on facebook!

I’m Ready.  I want to secure my EXCLUSIVE spot as an online vendor.

Great! We will be accepting vendors on a first-come, first-served basis. You can be sure that you will have exclusivity in your small business type OR you will be the ONLY Direct Sales Rep of your company in our online vendor fair. This means that for instance, we will only list ONE women’s apparel boutique and ONE Avon rep, however, we may also have a MaryKay vendor as you are from two different direct sales companies. We may also have a children’s apparel boutique.


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