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Some techy holiday shopping ideas – Mommy's Links

Some techy holiday shopping ideas

I wanted to share the following products from CableOrganizer.com. Definitely some cool holiday shopping options for you!


Animal Clips – Starting at $0.55
For young children, boredom is the number one culprit to poor performance! Animal clips contribute to the stimulation kids require to learn and stay organized. Use them to organize cables, hold pencils, or any other purpose you can think up. These clips are available in almost every animal that kids know and love, from the brave, roaring (but cute) lion to the savage (but
cute) T-rex!


DYMO LetraTag Personal Label Maker – Priced at $29.99
For the student who needs to keep their supplies organized, there is no need to buy the most expensive industrial printer. The LetraTag is a simple printer that does exactly what you need it to do and ensures you won’t have to pay for what you don’t.

Juicebar Solar Laptop and Mobile Device Charger – Priced at $184.50
Sometimes it’s nice to get out and study: The park, the terrace, just about anywhere to escape those familiar four walls once in a while! While power outlets can be hard to come by outdoors, the sun
is generally not. The Juicebar Laptop stores 13,200 mAh of power from the sun, easily providing nearly any laptop with a full charge or more.


AXIL™ X Clamp-On Desk Outlet – Starting at $97.92
Education is designed to take you many different places, but some things never change! No matter where you go, you will need power and communication. The great looking Axil X Desk Outlet comes in various configurations containing power, data, and USB slots, fully covering your bases for connectivity. If you prefer the vertical look, check out the Axil Y.

PowerTap Power and Data Desk Outlet – Starting at $74.51
The PowerTap is perfect for any student who needs power and data conveniently on their desktop, ready for anything.
Choose between power and Ethernet or power and USB.


Cable Tamer Organizers – Priced at $8.95
A simple setup requires a simple solution. For the student with a basic setup (computer, monitor, and keyboard), the Cable Tamer Organizer is a great solution. This comprehensive kit includes 5 ft. of wire loom tubing, cable ties, and labels for easy cable management and cable identification.


Cable-Safe™ Complete Cable Manager – Starting at $29.99
An organized workspace is the key to staying stress-free in your studies, but it always seems like things are out of hand before you know it…The Cable-Safe™ is the perfect desk organizer for the modern home study. This solution accommodates a power strip and contains a platform for holding modems, routers, etc., and several hooks for wrapping power cables.

360 Electrical® PowerCurve® Surge Protectors – Starting at $21.03
Nowadays it’s not uncommon to find even an early elementary school student with a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop, or a combination thereof! These devices are becoming increasingly integrated into the learning process, and they all need to be charged regularly. PowerCurve surge protectors not only power and protect your devices, but they match some of the hottest mobile devices of today. Two models are available with USB ports to ensure full compatibility.


The Core Cord Organizer – Starting at $3.99
Maybe you need to listen to recorded notes or lectures. Maybe you just need to throw on my music to block out the noise so you can dive in to your studies. Maybe you just need a break! Whatever the case may be, it’s always best to stay organized. The Core is a very simple and affordable cord organizer that keeps your headphone cable from getting tangled, which they seem to love doing!

I was not compensated for this post.

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