Free Gift Ideas for Your Small Business

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Whether you’re running a small business selling auto body parts or you’re running something out of your bedroom for other moms in your neighborhood, free gifts are always an incentive for people to work with you. However, free items also help to keep your company in the minds of past customers and people who simply see your logo out and about.

How can a small business go about giving out free gifts, and what kind of items should you be looking for though? Keep reading to learn more about the best free gifts that won’t break the bank, but will keep your company in the thoughts of those around you.

Tote Bags

People use tote bags every single day for things like groceries, moving their laptop or just having an extra change of clothes in the car for the gym. Why shouldn’t you have canvas bags with logo in your company’s design to give out to your customers?

Tote bags might seem costly at first, but remember that customers will be using them every day. Buy quality tote bags and they’ll be getting used for groceries on a daily basis for years and years to come!

You can’t buy that kind of advertising for less than a couple of dollars any other way.


Every single person under the sun wears a t-shirt. Some might stick to t-shirts when they go to bed or when they’re doing house work, but everybody does wear them at some time. So get some with your logo and company name on them!

Buying t-shirts in bulk is often cost-effective. Best of all, people will end up wearing them to the grocery store, hardware store and everywhere else. Other people will see your name because of it.


Like tote bags, almost everybody needs scrap paper every single day. Whether they’re writing out a to-do list or a grocery list, having something to write on that can easily be discarded is ideal for most people.

While you may not like the idea of people throwing your paper away, the simple association that a product with your name on it was useful can be very powerful. Notepads are also very cost effective for small business owners who don’t have a lot of capital.

Print them in bulk and give them out to customers and potential customers alike.

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