The Need for a Public Adjuster

When You Need a Public Adjuster

There are many people that do not realize if you have sustained an insured loss of a home, condominium, vehicle or other personal items you have the right to hire a public adjuster to make sure you get a fair settlement from the insurance company. It is a misconception that an adjuster is there for the sole purpose of being fair to both sides when hired by the insurance company. They are there to try and save the insurance company money. Hiring your own adjuster is one way to level the playing field.

The Dangers of Leaving Valuation to the Insurance Company

Leaving the valuation of your property to the adjuster working for the insurance company will almost always result in getting less than you deserve. They will tend to find similar property at much lower rates on the market than what the items are actually worth. They will then deem these lowered priced items as “fair market value” when there could be hidden dark reasons a vehicle, home or television is being sold for a very undervalued price.

Getting a Fair and Equitable Settlement

Getting and maintaining insurance is one way to have peace of mind that if the worst happened you can be fairly compensated and get life back to “normal.” This can only happen if you are offered a settlement that is fair and equitable. You must receive compensation that will allow you to replace items and property of similar value as what was lost, stolen or damaged.

Hire the Adjuster You Need Right Away

Hiring National Public Adjusters right away is one way to ensure that you will get a much more fair settlement. The insurance company will understand from the start that you will settle for nothing less than a fair compensation for the loss of your items. You will find that the process is smoother and less stressful. You will not be forced to guess as to whether what is being offered is fair.

Leave the Important Details in Experienced Hands

Getting a true and fair estimation of value for any particular item might take calling on other experts in the field of valuations, antiquities or market professionals. Your adjuster will take the necessary time to call on those that are knowledgeable and get you the best settlement possible.

Contact an expert public adjuster like and start working towards a fair settlement for your loss today!

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